New York Motor Vehicle Accident Defense Lawyers

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Our attorneys have defended insurance companies, rental car agencies, construction companies, the New York City Transit Authority Paratransit Program and the Metropolitan Transit Authority in a variety of motor vehicle accident cases.

The defense of automobile accident litigation is not simply the determination of “red light, green light or “left turn, right turn.” While the manner in which accidents occur can be somewhat repetitive, issues of causation, alcohol involvement, roadway conditions and maintenance, etc., all serve to make this area of practice of great importance to our clients and to our firm.

We have extensive experience negotiating, settling, trying and appealing automobile insurance defense cases. Our firm will handle everything from the initial investigation of your case, to trial and any necessary appellate work.

We maintain an up-to-date database with respect to case law involving the definition of a serious injury under the insurance law of the state of New York; and, we have used dispositive motions in that regard not only, as a means to the dismissal of actions but also, as a salient bargaining tool in our efforts to achieve equitable settlements. We aggressively defend these actions through the litigation of the serious injury threshold under the New York State Insurance Law. We also have a specific area of expertise with respect to rental and Paratransit vehicles.

Our firm handles cases for nationally known and well-established insurance carriers, and takes advantage of an extensive understanding of the rental car industry and New York state auto laws to help clients achieve the best possible results in their cases.

Our insurance law attorneys vigorously pursue every possible defense on behalf of our clients. From questioning the seriousness of the plaintiffs’ injury to determining the cause of the accident, we utilize a variety of accident reconstruction and biomechanical experts to assist in the defense of claims. We consult with the finest and most qualified medical experts for their opinions on the nature and extent of claimed injuries while conducting a comprehensive investigation into the facts and circumstances of the accident.