New York Commercial Transportation Litigation Lawyers

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In our representation of Common Carriers, it is extremely important that we determine the nature of the passengers’ use of the transportation in question, as well as, their participation in the specific transportation program.

For example, in our representation of the New York City Paratransit Program, each claimant/plaintiff comes with a unique set of challenges as clients of such programs have already been classified with some type and degree of disability. Therefore, our attorneys understand that thorough exploration of prior conditions and medical histories are of the utmost importance in the defense of these types of claims.

Our lawyers have a panel of medical experts at our disposal to offer opinions as to whether a claimed condition pre-exists the date of the claim. Our panel include well-regarded, Board Certified Doctors in every conceivable specialty. These specialists are also well adept at Trial Testimony.

Most common are: Orthopedists; Neurologists; and Radiologists.